Riddim Driven Maybach 365

Posted by Lyric Ratke on July 29, 2019
Riddim Driven Maybach 365 365. Riddim Driven: Maybach 365 is the seventy-second volume of the VP Records's Riddim Driven series albums. It was released in 2004 and contains tunes on the Maybach 365 Riddim.The tunes are produced by Raymond Scott & Winston Ashman for the Bad Cat label.

Riddim Driven: Maybach 365 - Various Artists. The Maybach 365 rhythm is hip- hop influenced, with an almost maddeningly simple and infectious electric piano riff at its center. Not as rough and booming as most current dancehall rhythms, it is really a perfect hybrid between the Kingston and Brooklyn scenes. This compilation, like the others in VP's Riddim Driven series, voices several DJs, toasters, and singers over one backing track in

1. Riddim Driven Maybach 365

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